Get To Know Us: Meet the Yarn Bombers!

Yarn Bomber "Bouquet" adorns a bike rack just outside the entrance to the Textile Museum of Canada

YARN BOMBING is the act of reclaiming boring, sterile public spaces by creating colourful knitted, sewn, crocheted, woven and macramé covers or cozies out of yarn. Usually a group of yarn lovers will form a group or crew, make the cozies, and do the installation late at night – creating an overnight transformation of a space. A Yarn Bombers crew is working on a special project with the Textile Museum of Canada to spice up the entrance to the Museum at 55 Centre Ave., Toronto, in time for the annual More Than Just a Yardage Sale, May 28 & 29. The plan is to decorate a large cement planter with a cozy made up of multiple swatches, and to adorn bicycle racks with fantastical arrangements. If you are interested in contributing knitted, woven, quilted or crocheted items, send an email to You can follow the progress of the project here:

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