Get To Know Us: Meet Beverley Baird Lane

Beverley Baird LaneBEVERLEY BAIRD LANE is an artist, TMC Volunteer and the member of the Volunteer Association Committee responsible for orienting new Volunteers: “When I visit my one- and two-year-old granddaughters in London, England, I often take them to a drop-in sing-along. One of their favourite songs is Wind the Bobbin Up, surely from their textile heritage. I’ve never heard this song in Canada.”

Wind the Bobbin Up
Wind the bobbin up (hands roll around each other)
Wind the bobbin up
Pull, pull, clap clap clap (pull hands apart twice, then clap)
Wind it back again (hands roll in reverse)
Wind it back again
Pull, Pull, clap clap clap
Point to the window
Point to the door
Point to the ceiling
Point to the floor
Clap you hands together 1 2 3
Put your hands upon your knees


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