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Meet the Artists Behind the Yarn Bombing

Yardage Sale 2010If you attended More Than Just a Yardage Sale in May, you had the opportunity to see the work of the Yarn Bombers – a group of artists who created the knitted and crocheted sculptures that adorned the bike racks and a planter just outside the Textile Museum entrance on Centre Avenue. The swatches and sculptural pieces were contributed by about 30 people from Toronto and as far away as New York City, Oregon, Vancouver and the United Kingdom. Here are just a few:

Julia Bryant made an amazing Canadian flag.

Greta Grip submitted a hand-knit “breakfast” complete with bacon, toast and eggs!

The Savvy Girls: These sisters host a knitting related podcast and submitted lots of felted squares.

• Leslie Carscadden, a teacher at Subway Academy II in Toronto, submitted swatches on behalf of her students who are learning to knit: Emma E., Alena G., Kelvin L., Jessica M., Erica P., Tiffany S., Rebecca S., Lisa S. and Brittney V. Most of them submitted the very first swatches they had ever created.

Wendy Feldberg contributed an amazing crocheted “crown” that sat atop a bicycle rack.

Grandmother’s Legacy sent some wonderful rainbow swatches.

Rebecca Crochet from New York City sent pretty purple violets.

Siobhan Long from Vancouver contributed a pretty “bubbly” swatch.

Meadowstitch sent some flowers and pretty swatches all the way from the UK.

• U.S.-based yarn bomber Tangle crafted an amazing knitted bike lock.

Knobby Knees from Oregon made a beautiful arrangement of crocheted flowers, lace and covered buttons.

• Tamaralda of crocheted all of the letters to spell out “Textile Museum” and helped sew the cozy together.

Glenna C submitted swatches and helped sew the cozy together.

LadyLungDoc helped sew the cozy together.

• Jane McRonald submitted the cutest little bird (pattern by Joey’s House).

Claire P helped with the installation and took lots of pictures.

Linda Love and Beth Newfeld sent some fun sculptural pieces; Claudia Ross from Hamilton sent some spring-like cotton swatches; Momoko Ito from Vancouver sent some lovely purple swatches, and Ann Posen, chair of the Textile Museum’s board of trustees, hosted an assembly party.

Alisa of Fibre Person made two bike rack toppers and helped put the entire project together.

For more on the creation and installation and to see many more pictures, visit Alisa’s Fibre Person blog.


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