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Introducing Got It Made!

Got It Made! is a new section where you can show off creative items made from materials purchased at For the Love of Cloth or More Than Just a Yardage Sale. Share your creativity in 3 easy steps:

1. Take photos of the materials and/or the finished project. It’s okay if it’s still a work in progress
2. Write a short description including the name of the sale where you purchased the materials
3. Email your photos and project information to

You will be contacted by the editor of Strand News and your item will appear in the Got It Made! section.


MADE BY A VOLUNTEER: Purses, scarves, clothing and other items made by TMC Volunteers are sold at the FLOC Sale each year, with all proceeds generously donated to the Museum


PAT STEENBERGEN: Pat shows a purse she made using fabric from the FLOC sale. On the table, the same fabric is shown in a different colour way


HELEN KIRKBY: Helen models a necklace she created from 40 wooden beads and toggles found at the sales


MARILYN LUCE: TMC Volunteers make and sell reusable shopping bags from fabric sourced at both FLOC and the Yardage Sale. This bag was made by Marilyn Luce


ANGELA KRYHUL: A lovely black velvet, purchased at the 2010 Yardage Sale, will eventually become a skirt. Still a work in progress!


TEMMA GENTLES: Baby Jemima in a sweater knitted from acrylic yarn wrestled from the yarn tent at the Yardage Sale



About Strand News

Strand News is the online meeting place for members of the Volunteer Association of the Textile Museum of Canada. Our annual fundraisers, including the Textile Bazaar, support Museum programs and exhibitions.


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