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Get To Know Us: Meet Linda Heron + Wendy Ounpoo

Long-time TMC Volunteers Linda Heron and Wendy Ounpoo recently created banners for the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto. In May, the organization is hosting the Canadian Unitarian Council meeting and conference, an annual gathering of member congregations from across Canada. Linda has been a volunteer in the Museum shop since 1993, while Wendy became a TMC member 20 years ago.


StrandNews Unitarian banner

Linda (l) and Wendy work on the banner


StrandNews Unitarian banner

The banner shows the Toronto congregation's logo


StrandNews Unitarian Banner

The reverse side depicts a map of Toronto


StrandNews Unitarian banner

The banner's depiction of Toronto is based on “The Gathering Place” as translated by Henry Scadding in the 1800s. The banner is made of cotton with appliqué and hand embroidery


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