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Do You Know What This Is?

This item was donated to our annual More Than Just a Yardage Sale, but it has our experts stumped. Even TMC Volunteers who’ve been sorting and pricing donations for several years can’t figure out how one would use this crafty piece of equipment.

Post a comment here if you can help us solve this mystery.


More Than Just a Yardage Sale


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2 comments on “Do You Know What This Is?

  1. Kiera-oona
    November 2, 2011

    I know this response is a bit late, but the device above is a spinning wheel. you could use it as it is by turning the wheel, or you could add a drive band to it because it has the grove in it.

  2. Elizabeth Evans
    May 11, 2011

    I’d have to have a closer look, but it looks like the homemade type of spindle device one sees on a walking wheel. Lendrum spinning wheels have a similar looking device with a metal shaft that can be purchased and mounted on their spinning wheels. I think it is like a spindle turned sideways so that a driveband on another device can be attached to it – in a similar way to a Charkha.

    That’s my best guess from the photo. I think spinners are the people who will recognize this.

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