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Unique Fabric Inspires Hanfu Garment

Juni L. Yeung is a scholar of Hanfu clothing and actively promotes the return of these garments to social life as part of the (Han) Chinese heritage. A special piece of gold-coloured linen she purchased at our recent For the Love of Cloth Decorator Fabric Sale became the inspiration for a Hanfu robe.


“I purchased a large spread of linen ‘armour’ fabric on Oct. 14 and would like to share the (80 per cent) results from the resulting creation. The armour fabric is highly reminiscent of the Suoyi – straw raincoats widely used in East Asia. Its large, square shape also reminded me of the early hecang (pronounced heh-tsang) or crane coat worn by literati and Daoists since 3rd c. CE China. While the hecang evolved later to simply become a large parallel-collar coat with closed, hemmed sleeves, the Daoist hecang (referred to as jiangyi – crimson robes) retained its original simple design of a large square, minimally tailored shape. The clergy’s high order priests and priestesses wear the hecang during formal rituals of all sorts, but especially during the process of bugang, or ‘Stepping the Big Dipper.’

“In my garment, I’ve utilized the gold spray-painted armour material as yellow – the colour of the central Earth element. Around it are wood (blue/green), metal (white), water (black), and fire (red) arranged in mutual harmony and growth, after the Yijing’s trigram 63 ‘Water/Fire: Mutual support.’

“I’m planning to add another black border around the bottom edge on both front and back.”

Earth: Linen/Cotton ‘armour’ weave
Metal: White spandex/polyester broadcloth with textured weave
Water: Black artificial velvet with camel-toned flower patterns
Wood: (Blue) Suede; (Green) Polyester Chiffon

Juni L. Yeung, BA (Hons.)
Chairman, Toronto Guqin Society
Public Promoter, Toronto Association for the Revival of Hanfu

Visit Juni’s blog:


The design


The fabric


Juni models her robe





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