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New Books in the Library: April 2013

A arte dos povos Guine-Bissau. Sao Paulo: museuafrobrasil, 2008. Araujo, Amanoel.

Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2005. Biggar, Tricia.

European Costume and Fashion 1490-1790. Mineola, N.Y.: Dover Publications, Inc., 2002. Kelly, Francis M.; Schwabe,  Randolph.

Fabric of Enchantment: Batik From the North Coast of Java. Los Angeles: Los Angelos County Museum of Art, 1996. Heringa, Rens; Veldhuisen, Harmen C.

Fashion: A History From the 18th to the 20th Century. Kyoto: Kyoto Costume Institute, n.d. Fukai, Akiko.

Fashion in Colours. New York: Assouline Publishing, 2006. Fukai, Akiko.

Francis Wilson peintures et dessins. Beauvais: Galerie nationale de la tapisserie et d’art textile, 1984. Lascaut, Gilbert, ed.

Indonesian Batik: Processes, Patterns and Places. Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1986. Fraser-Lu, Sylvia.

Indonesian Textiles: Irene Emery Roundtable on Museum Textiles. 1979 Proceedings. Washington, DC: The Textile Museum, 1980. Gittinger, Mattiebellle.

Ines Birstins & Anne Flaten Pixley. Banff, Alta: Walter Phillips Gallery. The Banff Centre of Fine Arts, 1983. Falk, Lorne, curator.

Motifs of Life in Toba Batak Texts and Textiles. Dordrecht-Hollnd/Cinnaminson-U.S.A., 1985. Niessen, S.A. 

Modigliani’s Batak Textiles: Evaluation of a Collection (1). Firenze: Stamperia Editoriale, 1988.

National Treasure Series #20, Chiba Ayamo, Kurume-Gashri (ikat weave in Kurume). Tokyo: Kodansha, 1978. Okada, Mamoro, ed.

Patola und geringsing. Basel: Museum fur Volkerkunde, 1975-76. Buhler, Alfred; Ramseyer, Urs.

Selections From the Textile Museum: Indonesia. Washington, DC: Textile Museum, 1976.

Susan McCord’s Legacy. Dearborn, Michigan: Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, 1988. Bryk, Nancy Vill.

The Philippines. Vienna: Museum of Ethnology, 2009. Anderson, Eric; Brandl-Straka, Ursula, et al.

Quilts: A Living Tradition. Shelburne, Vermont: Hugh  Lauter  Levin Associates, 1995. Shaw, Robert.

Selections From the Steven G. Alpert Collection of Indonesian Textiles. Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art, 1984. Robbins, Carol, associate curator.

Silk. London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., n.d. Hooper, Luther.  

Stripes: Lattice Design Catalogue. Tokyo: graphic-sha, 1983. Yoshimoto, Kamon, ed.

Tokyo.  Kodan-sha: 1977.

Nippon No Kogei 37, Ori [Japanese crafts #7, weaving]. Kyoto: Tanko-shinsa, 1966. Shirasu, Masako; Taizo, Kusayanai; Tetsuro, Kitamura.

Uzbek: The Textiles and Life of the Nomadic and Sedentary Uzbek Tribes of Central-Asia. Basel: 1975. Lindahl, David;  Knorr, Thomas. 

Weefsels en adatkostuums uit Indonesie. Delft: Volkenkundig Museum Nusantara, n.d. Wassing-Visser, Rita.

Yo no Bi: The Beauty and Art of Japanese Folk Art. Seattle: Seattle Art Museum & University of Washington Press, 1983. Rathburn, William Jay.


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Strand News is the online meeting place for members of the Volunteer Association of the Textile Museum of Canada. Our annual fundraisers, including the Textile Bazaar, support Museum programs and exhibitions.

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