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New Books in the Library: June 2013

American Sewn Rugs. Chadds Ford, PA: Jan Whitlock Textiles, 2012. Whitlock, Jan.

Arc of the Ancestors. Los Angeles: University of California, Los Angeles, 1994. Feldman, Jerome.

Costume and Culture. Vanishing Textiles of Some of the Tai Groups in Laos P.D.R. Chaing Mai: Studio Naenna Co Ltd., 1990. Naenna, Patricia Cheesman.

Folk Arts and Crafts of Japan. New York; Tokyo: Weatherhill/Heibonsha, 1973. Muraoka, Kageo.

Imperial Ottoman Textiles. London: Colnaghi, n.d. King, Donald.

Indonesia Circle Textiles number 42, March 1987. London: The Indonesia Circle School of African Studies, 1987. Hobart, Angela, ed.

Maori Rafter and Tankiko. Wellington, NZ: Wingfield Press, 1960. Phillips, W.J.

Old Javanese Gold. Singapore: Ideation, 1990. Miksic, John.

Scenes for a Raja: Study of an Indian Kalamkari Found in Indonesia. Los Angeles: Museum of Cultural History, 1986. Wade-Dalton Gwatkin, Nina.

The Genius of Japanese Design. Tokyo; New York; San Francisco: Kodansha International, 1981. Lee, Sherman E.

Threads of Life – A Private Collection of Textiles from Indonesia and Sarawak. Katonah, NY: The Katonah Gallery, 1981. Adams, Dr Moni, guest consultant.

Threads of Tradition. Threads of Indonesia and Sarawak. Berkeley: Lowie Museum of Anthropology, University Art Museum, 1979. Fischer, Joseph.


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Strand News is the online meeting place for members of the Volunteer Association of the Textile Museum of Canada. Our annual fundraisers, including the Textile Bazaar, support Museum programs and exhibitions.

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