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Got it Made! Pat Steenbergen’s Tablet Case and Chair

ChairBy Pat Steenbergen

Upholstered Chair: I found this chair put out on garbage day, so I rescued it. After a few years of searching for a nice piece of upholstery fabric, I saw a one-metre piece of William Morris “Golden Lily” by Sanderson fabric at For the Love of Cloth, and it seemed like a perfect fit.

I took the chair apart. If you ever do this, I would recommend taking pictures at each stage. I did not, and it was a bit puzzling as to how to get it back together.

Undo the existing upholstery to use as a pattern. Mark each piece (e.g. top front). Be sure to put the old pieces right side up on the right side of the fabric. Try to cut out the pieces in such a way that you get a pleasing pattern placement. Alternatively, use any see-through material such as tissue or plastic. Cut to a rough shape in order to get a good placement, and then lay the old pieces carefully on top.

Stitch and staple as appropriate for your chair.

Tablet Case: The leather samples sold at FLOC are the perfect size for making a tablet case.

Position the leather good side down with the puncture mark on the back of the tablet.

Fold in the part extending past the top and bottom until there is a pleasing proportion and the pinhole is still on the back. Make a fairly large bottom fold to hold the tablet in (Mine is the height of the tablet).

Mark where a snap should go. Home snap setters won’t secure leather, so I took mine to Leather and Sewing Supply Depot at 7 Vanauley St., Toronto.

Add any leather applique or trims. Mine is a folded over lightweight piece of leather attached with rubber cement. It covers the snap heads and gives a smooth appearance. Many leather stores sell scraps at a reasonable price.

To protect the screen, you can glue a piece of velux (Fabricland and beading stores sell this product) to the inside. Trim it so it will not be in the seams. Attach with 505 spray glue.

Sew up the side seams using a zipper foot to avoid the snaps, a #14 jeans needle, and strong thread.

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One comment on “Got it Made! Pat Steenbergen’s Tablet Case and Chair

  1. Deborah Cherry
    September 9, 2013

    What a goldmine of information you have here. I’d still need to see things done, but the steps you outline are pretty straightforward. Thanks Pat.

    Deborah Cherry

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