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Yarn Bombing at the Cirque

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By Angela Kryhul
The special thing about a yarn bombing is that it’s meant to take you completely by surprise. During a trip to Montreal earlier this month, I came upon this delightful creation – a little girl walking her dogs. Love the detail – especially the green braids and bright blue skirt. And the dogs are adorable.

I found the yarn bombing right in front of Cirque du Soleil’s International Headquarters, located in the borough of Saint-Michel. The area once housed the Montreal Waste Treatment and Disposal Centre, but was redeveloped and is now focused on promoting the circus arts.

The complex of buildings from which Cirque du Soleil runs its international empire, includes a Creative Centre where there are workshops for everything from shoemaking to carpentry. I couldn’t help but peek into the windows to discover the costume and accessory departments.

Close to 400 craftspeople – including hatters, dressmakers, lacemakers, designers and other costuming experts – create as many as 25,000 elements for the 19 Cirque du Soleil shows being performed around the world, according to the company website. The clothing design team alone uses almost 130 km of fabric annually, and treats and dyes about 80 per cent of that material on-site.

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