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New Books in the Library: September 2013

Amri Yahya: A pioneer in Batik painting. United States Exhibition of the Natomas Company Collection.

Ann Smith: Tutchone-Tlingit weaver. Whitehorse, Yukon.

Javanese Batiks. Boston: Museum of Fine Arts. Arensberg, Susan MacMillan.

Arts of Asia, Vol. 12, no. 4. Hong Kong: Arts of Asia Publications Ltd., 1982.

Navajo pictorial weaving, 1880-1950. New York, Dutton Studio, 1991. Campbell, Tyrone; Kopp, Kate; Kopp, Joel.

Power and Gold: Jewelry from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1988. Chu, Christina, curator.

Kata-gami: Japanese stencils. Washington, DC: The Smithsonian Institutes National Museum of Design, 1979. Dee, Elaine Evans, ed.

Designs from the North. Aomori, Japan: Keiko-kan (Museum), 1992.

Poiret. New York: Rizzoli, 1987. Deslandre, Yvonne.

Sansai Textile Collection. Osaka, Japan: Sansei Kogei Inc., 1988. Fujimoto, Hitoshi, ed.

When art becomes fashion. Kosode in Edo-period Japan. Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1992. Gluckman, Dale Carolyn; Takeda, Sharon Sadako.

Nini Towok’s spinning wheel. Cloth and the cycle of life in Kerek, Java. Los Angeles: Fowler Museum at UCLA. Heringa, Rens.

The flannel makers: A brief history of the Welsh woolen industry. Conwy, Wales: Gwasg  Carreg  Gwalch, 2005. Jenkins, J. Geraint.

Traces: Mapping a journey in textiles. Raleigh, NC: Gregg Museum of Art & Design, North Carolina State U, 2011. Jones Ennis, Lynne.

Japanese costume. London: Greenwich Editions, 1994. Kennedy, Alan.

Ship cloths of the Lampung South Sumtera. A research of their design, meaning and use in their cultural context: Galerie Mabuhay, 1980. Kok, Rob.

Jodai-Gire. 7th and 8th century textiles in Japan from the Shoso-in and Horyo-ji. Kyoto: Shikosha Publishing Co. Ltd., 1984. Matsumoto, Kaneo.

Marimekko, with love. Toronto: Textile Museum of Canada, 2013. McCabe, Shauna, curator.

Mingei: Japanese folk art. Alexandria, Virginia: Art Services International, 1995. Moes, Robert.

The Malay handloom weavers – A study of the rise and decline of traditional manufacture. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1996. Mohamad, Maznah.

Textilien–Textiles. Basel: Museum fur Volkerskunde und Schweizerisches  Museum  fur Volkeskunde, 1979. Nabholz-Kartaschoff, Marie-Louise.

Japanese costume and textile arts. New York & Tokyo: Weatherhill-Heibonsha, 1979. Noma, Seiroku.

The arts of Japan. New York & Tokyo: Weatherhill-Heibonsha, 1982. Noma, Seiroku.

Objects of ceremony 19th and 20th century. Birmingham, Michigan: Yaw Gallery, 1987.

Living National Treasure Series #11. Tokyo: Kodan-sha, 1979. Okada, Mamoru, ed.

Living National Treasure Series #14. Tokyo: Kodan-sha, 1978. Okada, Mamoru, ed.

Living National treasure Series #18. Tokyo: Kodan-sha, 1978. Okada, Mamoru.

Orientations, September 1984. Hong Kong: Pacific Magazines Ltd., 1984.

Esarn cloth design. Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University, 2000. Peetathawatchai, Vimolphan.

Beyond the Tanabata Bridge: Traditional Japanese textiles. Seattle: Thames and Hudson in association with the Seattle Art Museum, 1993. Rathburn, William Jay, ed.

Indonesian textiles from the Anne and John Summerfield Collection. Worcester, Mass: Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery College of the Holy Trinity, 2005. Rodgers, Susan.

Textile evidence for Huari music. Washington, DC: The Textile Museum, 1979. Rowe, Ann Pollard.

The complete encyclopedia of stitchery. Garden City, NY: 1979. Ryan, Mildred G.

Seibu Museum. Gold textiles in Indonesia: Hirayama Collection. Tokyo: Seibu Museum, 1989.

Ancestry and artistry: Maya textiles from Guatemala. Toronto: Textile Museum of Canada, 2013. Shaughnessy, Roxane, curator.

Japanese country textiles. Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum, 1965. Stephen, Barbara, ed.

Kosode: 16th-19th century textiles from the Nomura Collection. New York: Japan Society, 1984. Stinchecum, Amanda Meyer.

Living crafts of Okinawa. New York & Tokyo: Weatherhill, 1973. Suzuki, Hisao.

Taiyo: Textiles, kasuri, tsumugi, shima. Tokyo: Heibon-sha, 1977.

Tsugaru Kogin and Nanbu Hishizashi. Hokkaidu, Japan: Historical Museum of Hokkaido, 1985.

Indonesiche siermotiven. Indonesian ornamental design. Batavia: Koninklijk Bataviasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen, 1949. Van der Hoop, Th.

In search of azure dragons. Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum, 1978. Vollmer, John E., ed.

India–art and culture 1300-1900. New York:  MOMA, 1985. Welch, Cary Stuart.

Four centuries of fashion: Classical kimono from the Tokyo National Museum. Woodson, Yoko, et al.

Han Chinese women’s dress. London: Linda Wriggleworth Ltd, 2003. Wrigglesworth, Linda; Dickinson, Gary.

Making the grade: The badge of rank III. London: 1996. Wrigglesworth, Linda.

Mingei: The living tradition in Japanese arts. Glasgow: Japan Folk Crafts Museum, 1991. Yanagi, Sori.

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