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Spring Beach Studio Tour: Sheila Thompson

Spring Beach Studio Tour – Studio #3
Sheila Thompson is showing her new work at the Beach Studio Tour this coming weekend (April 29-May1). Come see my new fabric and new felts.
Friday April 29 6-9pm, – please pop in for a drink
Saturday April 30 10am – 6pm andSunday May 1, 11am-6pm.
Studio #3 on the map.  Flyers available out front at my studio 343 Waverley Road.  South of Kingston Road, west of Main and east of Woodbine.


Roadside Legume / Grass: Small boxes showing the printed image (on silk) of two plants I brought back from Zambia – one a legume and one a grass.  Felted into a fine white wool. 6″ x 8″. I made some lovely silk fabric out of the grass image too.

Watering Holes (18″x30″) From my new series of work “Inheritance” – persistence, resilience, finding and taking hidden value.  These felts have tunnels to deeper layers, and embed silken images of prior felt pieces.  I am using felts within felts to capture the sense of what is inherited and what will be inherited.

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