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Annual General Meeting, 2016

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Almost 50 volunteers came to the combined Annual General meeting and Trustees’ reception for the Textile Museum volunteers on May 4. The meeting honoured active volunteers with 10 or more years of service with a brooch featuring the volunteer logo.

Thank you Anna Richard for your photography!

Active Volunteers with 10 or More Years of Service

Arlette Adam Kathy Paterson
Theresa Arneaud Cynthea Penman
Laura Brocklebank Ann Posen
Joy Cohnstaedt Gary Posen
Pam Craig Theresa Rand
Pat Crothall Kate Rayner
Patricia Curley Jane Rodman
Therese Curry Joan Schiff
Andrea Diplock Arlette Schulman
Nancy Dillow Nancy Sinclair
Elizabeth Evans Nancy Smith
Temma Gentles Pat Steenbergen
Vickie Grant Leonie Thelwell
Susan Helwig Maurie Todd
Linda Heron Hilde Van der Schaaf
Mary Helen Kaizer Amanda Valpy
Hiroko Karuno Sammy Vilks
Helen Kirkby Sharon Walker
Sandra Kuzniak Isabel Ward
Beverley Baird Lane Helena Wehrstein
Gwen Liss Connie Wente
Marilyn Luce Karen Weston
Selma MacHenry Michaelle Woods
Jane Milisiewicz

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