Ikat-Dyed Weaving at Fibre Space

There is an ikat-dyed warp on the floor loom in Fibre Space.  Susan Fohr and the Education Committee  developed this idea to help visitors better understand Kasuri and Ikat techniques used in textiles in upcoming exhibitions at the museum.  Elizabeth Evans wound a cotton warp and experimented with wool, cotton and plastic resist ties.  The warp was mordanted with tannic acid and alum and dyed with madder root in her backyard.  On July 5 at the first Wednesday drop-in of the summer, she and Julia Bryant (pictured above) put the warp on the loom and began weaving.  Please come to Fibre Space next time you are in the museum and weave a few shots.  Susan Fohr will be  preparing some information panels about the process.  For our next ikat warp we need your help.  We plan to have a white cotton warp on the warping mill over the summer and we invite you and all our visitors to help us tie the resists for our next ikat warp.  We plan to dye it in the Fall.  Please come and weave in Fibre Space whenever you are in the museum.

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